tec-GNAR Ethos

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In life, we come across moments where we need to slow down - take in the situation and act. Much like a “techy” section of trail. The trail of life is uphill, full of loose stones, and is sloping off camber, towards a cliff. You must tread carefully, but are rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment, when you best this section of the trail.


Other moments in life you need to let go of the brakes and ride! This section of trail is steep, downhill, and rough, but you can see the perfect line, blinking like a neon light. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride. You are rewarded with a feeling of exiliration when flying down, but these moments are fleeting, and leave you wishing for more.

The tec-GNAR ethos: embrace all of these moments, the good with the bad, because its during the ride that we find ourselves, not at the destination.